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Five Unexpected Ways to Wear a Trench

 Unexpected Ways to Wear a Trench Stanton57 

 Product Info: Cotton dress, $68, ASOS trench coat, $60, Forever21 trench coat, $28, State & Lake pleated shorts, $92, Jane Norman pleated skirt, £18

My most beloved piece in my closet is definitely my trench coat. Trench coats are a timeless staple for any woman’s wardrobe. They can be worn year round and add polish to any outfit. The trench coat has recently gotten a makeover, and now there are several variations of the classic trench available in stores.

Here are five unexpected ways to wear a trench:

  • Trench Dress- My personal favorite, the trench dress is the perfect warm    weather option during these unbearable temperatures. These dresses are usually appropriate for work as well! Feminine details like the twisted hem on the Modcloth trench dress above keep the look from looking too much like a coat.
  • Trench Vest- The trench vest serves as an awesome layering piece. It would be great over a girly sundress in the spring or summer, and layered over a long sleeve top in the fall or winter. 
  • Trench Shorts- While I have not seen a lot of these in stores in the U.S., the trench short seems to be a hybrid of a trench coat and classic khaki shorts. These would be perfect for running errands on a rainy summer day! 
  • Trench Skirt- For a fun, sophisticated look, trench skirts are an updated version of the trench that adds more of a “preppy” element to the trend. I can imagine wearing one of these while on a golf course or trying to make a good impression on someone’s parents.
  • Trench Cape- If you already own a trench coat but you want another similar option for winter, I would recommend purchasing a trench cape. It is a modern take on the staple and allows your arms to let loose during colder weather. Capes were all over the Fall/Winter 2011 runways, so I am expecting this trend to stick around for awhile. 

Bonus: All of these are under $100! Enjoy!


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How to Wear the Trend: Colour Blocking

Trend Report: Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is one of my favorite trends of the summer right now. Mixing two unpredictable colours against each other adds flavor to any outfit. This trend may seem unrealistic for everyday wear at first, but the truth is that anyone can pull it off. I’ve created three outfits that highlight different “levels” of color blocking ranging from subtle or extreme looks that are perfect for summer:

Look 1: Level 1 Colorblocking

Look 2: Level 2 Colour Blocking

Look 3: Level 3 Colour Blocking